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06 August 2007



This entry first appeared on ce399 | research archive: 13 March 2007.

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Hacking The Whore

Hemisphere Creep

You know CE, what you are attempting to do here can be interpreted as a militant feminist critique of Crowleyanity. You realize that of course, don't you?

Crowley saw no use in the vaginal fluids nor did he think that women are divine, therefore he could not imagine lesbian sexmagick. He believed that 'man is the guardian of the Life of God; woman but a temporary expedient; a shrine indeed for the God, but not the God.' Women exist for the use of men. His ideal female: 'robust, vigorous, eager, sensible, hot and healthy.' [15] That is to say, his interest was in the woman's body and he wanted no spiritual or intellectual participation from her."[16]

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