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08 August 2007


Hemisphere Creep

"A whole culture is collapsing and a new one is about to be born."

And exactly what kind of culture is in the process of being born?

That should be the question from here on end, because this culture is pretty much finished in a very profound and perhaps irreversible way: From the cellular, microscopic level, to the cerebral level, to the planetary level and beyond.

I don't share Mr. Metzger's optimism, unfortunately.

The lesson here, I think, CE, is that 'organized religion' or any affiliation thereof, whether it be from the Christian church down the street or the OTO/Thelema Lodge or the Church of Satan or Temple of Set or a Moron Temple...or what have you..is generally a very bad idea.


What a wonderfully strange idea: If the cosmic perfection of mankind is to be achieved by the return of the Christ consciousness, what better way to hurry the process up than to attempt to actually bring on the Apocalypse by inviting in the spawn of Hell?

You know what is equally strange? I have often had the thought that George W. Bush and his Family of Zionist 'Christian' Premillenial Dispensationalist Dominionist Corporate Fascists (ie. Tim LaHaye and his idiotic 'Left Behind' series of Apocalyptic fiction) and their Islamists counterparts are basically doing the exact same thing.

Think what you want of Hugo Chavez, but he was spot on for calling Bush 'the Devil' on the floor of the UN last year.

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